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About Us

We are a construction chemical applicator company, engaged in waterproofing jobs, Industrial flooring, Epoxy floorings, repair & rehabilitation, Civil construction, painting & POP. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our broad spectrum of services is as follows:

We stress on executing each application/services taking utmost care in proper product and method selection, proper storage, ensuring proper application/service, in accordance with the customer expectations after understanding the product and environment limitations. To ensure this, we undertake detailed study of the requirements/ the problem, its source, and provide the application/ service. Before undertaking any service, we put forth the limitations of available technologies/ equipment/ techniques. In other words, Complete Transparency.

Our people are our most important and valuable resource. We take pains in assessing, reviewing and upgrading their skills on a continuous basis. We also build a detailed database from executed assignment, during the course of our work reviews. This serves as our knowledge base.